Etrali Dealing Phone System

Etradeal Mach3D


A compact, cost-effective IP/TDM trading terminal, providing an intuitive interface for voice intensive traders.

Professional trading terminal with hybrid technology

Etrali Mach 3D with Advanced Call Functions is a professional trading terminal (or turret), combining core voice-trading functions and an unlimited open environment for voice and data. Based on hybrid IP/TDM technology, it can initially be connected in TDM then seamlessly switched to VoIP when needed, without any intervention or re-cabling on the turret. This ensures your trading will not be disturbed or interrupted.

Faster access to information for improved responsiveness

Advanced Call Functions (ACF) couple Etrali Mach3D with your PC to leverage the best of both technologies. It enhances your productivity by allowing you to access your calling history on your PC fast, view your configurations and lines, search and call Speed Dial Numbers (SDNs), and add or edit broadcast groups. A simple click-to-dial feature allows you to call your contacts instantly to improve responsiveness to the market.

Easier admin

IT /Telecom staff can use ACFs as a light system administration tool to update configurations for brokers on the trading floor through a web browser, thus easing the admin burden of adding speed dial numbers to the system.

Non intrusive software & minimal training

ACF, a full thin-client solution, is easy to deploy because there's no resident module on the PC; it only requires the installation of software on a server, which you access from your PC through a secure web-browser linked to the trading turret. While ACFs offer new management and configuration features, its interface is so intuitive you'll be operational in no time with very little training.


Open Trade

Open Trade is a revolutionary, innovative, touch screen multimedia, communications system. This next generation platform is more than just a turret; it provides perfect communication channels that converge at a single point for information and conversations, seamlessly integrating voice, video, email, instant messaging and web-based applications.

etrali-Orange Open Trade

Dedicated as the people who use it

Time is short, but you are busier than ever. Open Trade gives you complete focus on all your tasks, helping you rise to the challenge of today’s trading environment. Its innovative but proven technology provides a secure foundation for rapid communications in financial trading.

Designed for the future

From the financial markets, to the technology that drives our everyday lives, the world is changing beyond recognition. Open Trade was designed for this era of flexible communications. It integrates seamlessly with all common channels including instant messaging, video conferencing and any web-based application. The Open Trade network architecture also redefines desktop trading communication by placing computational power at the heart of each machine.

Critical mass

Even though Open Trade’s innovative design is completely different from anything you’ve seen before, it builds on Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions’ trustworthy trading technology used by the biggest names in financial trading and thousands of their employees. It’s extremely compact, but still packs a powerful punch.

Cutting edge design

Open Trade takes the best of the latest touch screen technologies, hot buttons and fast dials and adapts them to the exact needs of the trading floor. It puts traders at the centre of the end-user experience, enabling them to manage all communications at a glance and reach the contacts that they need in the blink of an eye.

Many voices, a single focus

Open Trade‘s touch screen interface offers rapid access to electronic applications and enables end-users to manage up to 30 simultaneous conversations and host conferences. Precision performance: today and tomorrow Open Trade’s design focuses on the challenges of today. But while it offers unprecedented system security and resilience, the use of cutting edge technologies makes Open Trade extremely easy to use. Above all, its flexible design will enable it to evolve and integrate new communications channels as they become available.

Seamless conversations

With Open Trade you can switch seamlessly from one communication channel to another. If you are using instant messaging and you decide you want to speak to your colleague directly, just click an icon and the conversation immediately shifts to your handset.

Presence management

Open Trade gives you and your colleagues a single identity by confirming your status. Instead of working from a list of email addresses, multiple phone numbers and more, you simply click on the name of your contact and Open Trade tells you if they are available and the best channel to reach them.

Automatic message routing

Open Trade will automatically direct the caller to the most appropriate channel. Log off of your office network, and a call goes through to your mobile or another line, without the need to set up manual call forwarding. This flexible and intuitive approach to unified communications makes Open Trade highly suitable for trading rooms. In addition, it reflects the industry’s shift towards instruments and supports traders in this modern, fast-moving environment.