AEI was formed to serve the hospitality industry with advanced in-room analog and IP telephone systems and solutions.

Analog Phone & SIP Phone (Corded Cordless)

GR Series

Model : AGR-6106-S, AGR-6109-S, SGR-7106-S,GR-8106-SMK, GR-8106-SMC, GR-8106-SPBU

ALN / SLN SlimLine (Desktop)

Model : ALN-5100 , SLN-1100 ALN-5103 , SLN-1103

AKD / SKD (Desktop and Wall Mount)

Model : AKD-5100 , SKD-1100,AKD-5103, SKD-1103

ME Series

Model : ME500-A5108 , ME500-A6108-S

VX Series

Model : (VX-8108-SMBU (A) , VX-8108-SPBU (A) , VX-8108-SMBU (S) , VX-8108-SPBU (S)

VM Series

Model : VM-7108-S, VM-2100-SLT Touch Screen Phone

Bathroom Phone โทรศัพท์ในห้องน้ำ

Model : AAX-4100 , GR-8106-SPB , AFT-4100 , SFT-1100

VR Cordless Phone

3.5 inch touchable DECT handset phone / Customizable hotel logo and service dials.

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