Red Box Voice Recorder ระบบบันทึกเสียงสนทนาทางโทรศัพท์

The Red Box recording solution offers a software based set of products delivering voice and screen recording, call logging, audio analytics, quality management and performance management applications. The Red Box voice recording software can be installed onto a customer own hardware within minutes, delivering the world’s most powerful converged (TDM &sVoIP) voice recording solution available on the market today

Voice Recorder Solution for each Sector
  • Contact center, Call Center
  • Financial markets
  • Emergency services
  • Public sector
Recording platforms
  • VoIP recording
  • TDM recording
  • Radio recording
  • Mobile recording
  • Total &s selective recording
  • Live monitoring &s instant replay (Voice recording software)
  • Quantify Recording Suite (Call management)
  • Quantify Call Management (PCI DSS)
  • Quantify PCI Suppression
  • Quantify Mobile Recording Suite
  • Quantify CallSafe (Quality &s performance)
  • Quantify QM™
  • Quantify Screen Data Capture (Audio analytics)
  • Quantify Audio Search (Incident investigation)
  • Quantify Event Reconstruct
Business continuity
  • Resilience
  • Disaster recovery
  • Primary/Secondary
  • Media options
  • Offline storage
  • Media Server
  • NAS compression

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